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01 overseastextura conchiglie

The secret of the Băneasa pasta's quality is that we use the latest technology, provided by the worldwide leaders: Buhler (Switzerland) and Pavan (Italy).

Why is Băneasa pasta so special?

• We use a drying system at high temperatures to destroy all the pathogenic microorganisms and give a positive influence to the boiling features: the pasta doesn't stick or break and it's keeping its original shape and bright color, a fresh and pleasant taste and a good adherence at sauce, without changing the color of the water when boiling.

• We use the best flour – it gives a pleasant color and a good behavior when boiling pasta.

• We use special equipment and procedures for making the egg pasta. We carefully prepare the mix of eggs with the help of our special equipment.

• We purchase our raw material according to strict procedures, we test each batch received in our laboratory that is completely equipped and we perform periodic audits for the production equipment of our suppliers, everything just to make sure that we are developing high quality.

Yes, we believe in involvement and 100% dedication.

This way, Băneasa pasta comes to life in the new location in Bucharest, with the biggest production capacity in the Balkans and perhaps Central and Eastern Europe.

We are the only factory from the region that is capable of producing all types of pasta with and without eggs: short pasta, long pasta, nests, homemade, tricolor, pasta with special shapes for children, farfale, lasagna, etc.

We are preparing to shape modern and quality life experiences!

01 overseastextura conchiglie
02overseastextura cornetti
Cornetti rigati
03overseastextura penne
04overseastextura scoici
05overseastextura fusilli
06overseastextura serpentine
07overseastextura  copiilor
Kids Baneasa Zoo
Overseastextura spirale
Overseaspatrate mari ou
Big squares
08overseastextura fidellini
09overseastextura cuiburi
Vermicelli nests
10overseastextura tagliatelle
11overseastextura cus cus
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Overseasbns gartene2
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Little squares
13overseastextura spaghete z01
Overseasbns fidea cu oua
Overseasbns taitei cu oua s
Thin noodles
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