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Export & Logistics

It's not easy to always be the first, but all the efforts are rewarded! We are happy to say that we are the leaders of pasta and wheat flour on the Romanian and Moldavian market and also in a rapid growth on the Bulgarian and Serbian markets.

Our presence in Europe is constantly expanding, directly or through our partners in retail and distribution. Our products are traded in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Moldova and the list is constantly growing. We also deliver a lot of products in over 20 African countries and we will continue to search for strong worldwide partners.

We speak with courage about our value and quality!

Our mission is to inspire people to do something more than pasta or flour, to create a universe of experiences!

Băneasa is currently working with all the major international retail chains and is the only manufacturer of pasta and flour covering this entire distribution channel in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria. We are very proud of our partnerships and strategic soundness and we are interested in strengthening them.

Overall, we are counting, among international retail chains and important distributors, over 30 partners for developing private label projects, offering a complete package of services that includes consultancy to optimize assortments, defining private label strategies, package design, production, logistics and an efficient process of follow-up.

We are a team that is continuously concerned about improving the quality of our services and we are committed to strengthen our customer's loyalty by satisfying their various needs. For our customers, working with Băneasa represents diversity and innovation, simplification of the process of purchase, trust and flexibility, quality and food safety assurance and optimized services of logistics. We provide our customers with stock availability, fast delivery of orders, quality products and professional services.

We also offer our customers the best possible solutions for each meal in terms of functionality, health, ease and pleasure of cooking, innovating continuously, according to market requirements.

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships and connections between people!

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