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The quality of Băneasa products


The secret of taste of Băneasa pasta is given by the best flour, carefully selected by our specialists. We believe that quality in our products is primordial, which is why all our suppliers are carefully selected based on clear specifications and procedures, each batch of raw material being subjected to laboratory analysis.

The ingredients, then the passion for taste, are the source of inspiration for all: we continuously learn to discover the goodness and freshness of nature, the joys and experiences lived and shared with us by people, the experiences that are inspired by the taste and shapes of our pasta. The taste of our products is fresh, natural and intense. Our option is for genuine, naturally, healthy, with good taste in all the products and experiences that we generate. You cannot inspire people without these qualities.


Egg pasta is a tradition in Europe, especially in Italy and in the Eastern and Central European countries. The tradition is maintained until nowadays, the eggs being used not only to give the pasta delight and enrich them with nutrients, but they also have an important role in the composition of the dough, making it elastic and resistant at the same time. Băneasa egg pasta are the result of a unique recipe, developed by our researchers together with the consumers, using only the highest quality ingredients, procured from the best European suppliers.

Because the egg is a delicate ingredient, the egg pasta production is a highly sensitive process that requires attention. For this reason in the Băneasa factory we use special work equipment and procedures, preparing the dough with the most modern and the safest equipment in the region.


The special attention that we give to the quality of products and to satisfying the needs of our clients makes us constantly develop and implement the most modern quality systems and food safety management procedures.

Both Băneasa mill and Băneasa pasta factory currently hold the ISO 9000, ISO 22000, HACCP and FSSC 22000: 2010 certifications. Thus we can ensure total traceability of the products manufactured by us in compliance with the highest European legislation.

The research and development team works closely with the Sales and Marketing departments, looking for development solutions everyday so that we can constantly exceed the expectations of our costumers, by:

- Flexible production processes that allows us to adapt our network accordingly to our customer’s requests

- Full control of the production process with strict monitoring of the critical zones

- The most efficient laboratory of our industry, creditated by Renar accordingly to EN ISO CEI 17 025

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