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Our portfolio covers a complete range of pasta (egg pasta, simple pasta, long pasta, short pasta, specialties, etc.) and milling (flour, corn meal, semolina, bread crumbs) and some complementary product categories – ready to eat food based on pasta, pasta sauces and a wide range of canned food.


Already having a tradition of over three decades behind, Băneasa easily dominates the Romanian pasta marked and is one of the leading suppliers of milling products.

The Băneasa brand is by far the best known and consumed brand of pasta in Romania, with a sharp image among our customers of pasta and flour products, image characterized by: reputation, quality and freshness, shelf availability, while being perceived as a traditional brand on the local market, very appreciated among families and children. The quality and the good taste of Băneasa products are not random: We carefully choose the freshest and the most reliable ingredients and strictly control all the technological processes. Our employees are devoted and inspired by the sense of beauty and good taste, carrying a deep respect for the human being. The energy and the fresh, natural and intense taste of our pasta bring joy and satisfaction to people, sustaining their modern lifestyle.

Băneasa – “Well done pasta! / The magic taste that inspires you! ”

Encouraged by the success of the Băneasa brand and high degree of loyalty of our customers, we decided to expand our portfolio with other Mediterranean cuisine that is in the same time jovial and also nutritious and healthy.


Băneasa Copiilor is the children’s brand. Băneasa Copiilor pasta was born from the love and joy of living and playing of our children. To which there is something else to add: our attention for good, natural and healthy taste. Based on the classic recipe with eggs, made exclusively from natural ingredients, Băneasa Copiilor pasta is tasty and appetizing.

Children will fall in love with the new world they will discover, a world of princes and princesses, various little animals, cute dinosaurs and noisy toy cars. Their meals will become magic moments. The special shapes of the pasta and the multiple ways they can be cooked by parents and grandparents bring closer favourite characters, stimulating children’s creativity.

Băneasa Copiilor - "Fairy tales pasta.”


Packed with good taste and convenience, with a very competitive price, La GrandeFamiglia products bring in the Romanians memories the warm and intimate atmosphere from home, the pleasure and joy from the family meals.

La Grande Famiglia is the trusted brand which you immediately become close to: it is the big family that invites you at dinner with open heart and serves you with their bests.

Our consumers describe La Grande Famiglia in researches as: good quality, attractive packaging, reliable, cheerful, friendly and accessible to all.

La Grande Famiglia – “Trust and quality in everything!”


Pasta Buona is the youngest brand in the Băneasa pasta portfolio, which established the best ratio between quality and price on the market. Pasta Buona brand is designed to penetrate on a large scale all countries of the region, its aim being that to become the most popular brand of pasta in entry-level segment.

Pasta Buona ambitiously aims the segment of modern, practical, very active, without high income, but seeking for smart solutions and being satisfied by their choice consumers.

Pasta Buona – “Totally satisfied!”


Csaladi is a brand dedicated to families from the North-West and Central region. Our dedicated team knows best the needs of our customers and business partners in these areas, the consumer’s preferences for reliable products, that provides the constantly superior quality assurance.

The Csaladi flour cares the guarantee of freshness of the best wheat before milling, unique quality that our customers found each time in the taste of our home made products, the delicious taste, airy, smooth and a beautiful image raised in the oven.

The special egg pasta made from Csaladi flour are equally sought and appreciated for their fresh, natural taste and their light and clean color as well as firm flesh.

“The good taste of the house. Csaladi !”

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